Fontis Publishing is a global leader in Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings with it's innovative vmOSX platform at  

We currently have customers in over 50 countries and have been visited by users from 158 countries.

 We've taken our core strengths in niche marketing and agile publishing technologies to the next level with a platform built for today's fast moving mobile development market.

We're proud to provide our Xcode Development Desktop and Virtual Personal Desktop products as the first ever Apple Macintosh IaaS product aimed at the small business/developer market.  We're equally proud to bring great pricing and enterprise grade service to our Business users including Fortune 500 companies.

At Fontis we understand the tools that fresh start-ups need to succeed in a competitive, fast paced technology marketplace.  Put your faith in a company that has shown proven results in across the gamut of publishing technologies.  We're Fontis Publishing and we're ahead of the learning curve!


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